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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the selection process work?

These rules and regulations apply to new applicants for the summer 2023 WBYO: All Summer & Winter 2024 Orchestra applicants must be aged between 16 and 27 (born between 01 January 1997 and 31 December 2008). All applicants should hold passports from one of the six non-EU countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Read more!

​Successful candidates will be invited to be part of the Summer & Winter 2024 WBYO.

You can find further information on the process on the Rules and Regulations page.


Online auditions:

There are two rounds of auditions in several countries where candidate numbers are high or for other administrative reasons. The WBYO provides the panel of both rounds of auditions. WBYO’s instrumental faculty will judge the submitted videos, and a specialist in your instrument will judge each video.


The application process includes these two steps:

  1. Filling out the application form

  2. Video recording (in ONE TAKE) with all requested Orchestral Extracts + one piece of own choice (with or without piano)


There is one application form for all countries to use. Since there is an online audition, you must include a YouTube link in your application (which you should upload to YouTube as an unlisted video – do not choose the “public” or “private” setting).

Successful candidates will be informed as soon as possible after the first round, generally up to four weeks after the application deadline, that they will be invited to be part of the orchestra for the summer & winter tour 2024. 

Please note that it can take a few weeks until the results of the first round will be sent out due to the possible high number of candidates.

Ours tried and tested audition process is designed to ensure fairness across different instruments and countries. This is our highest priority. Your audition is only the first stage of our judging process, as an extensive moderation process follows it to guarantee fairness.


How do I apply for an audition?

Please follow the simple instructions on this page.

The deadline for application is February 29, 2024 (orchestra members & concertmaster position



Who can apply for WBYO auditions?

What is the age limit for applying to WBYO?

You must be between 16 and 27 years of age on the 10 January 2025

With what instrument can I apply?

For the summer & winter 2024 orchestra, we are auditioning for Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba, Percussion, Harp and Piano.

I am already working for a professional orchestra. Am I still able to audition for the WBYO?

Absolutely. Many of our members play with professional orchestras and ensembles.

I do not attend a Music College/Academy or study for a degree in music. Can I still audition?

Yes, we accept applications from all musicians, even if music is not your chosen academic path.

Can I audition on more than one instrument?

Yes, you can apply for more than one audition, for multiple instruments. Just let us know in your application form.


I was a reserve list or highly commended player in 2023 but was not invited to any project. Am I eligible to advance to the final (second) round, as in previous years?

Yes - Musicians who have been a member or were on the highly commended or reserve list in either or both of the two years prior to the current auditions are automatically eligible for the final round audition and do not need to attend a first-round audition.


All candidates must still submit an application form, and submit the required video recording before the closing date.


After your (online) audition:

When will I hear back about whether I’ve been accepted or not?

You will hear from us by email within February 29, 2024

Can I get feedback from my audition?

All candidates will be given online feedback via email. 


I have been asked back for a final audition. What does this mean?

In some cases auditions are conducted in two rounds: preliminary and final auditions. If you are called for a final audition, you are one step closer to joining the WBYO.

I’ve been accepted into the WBYO, now what?

Congratulations! This means you are an WBYO member in 2024 for the Summer & Winter Tour (orchestra residencies and concert tours), as well as any chamber projects you may be asked to join for the next calendar year.

Are there any costs that I have to pay as a member?

There is no membership fee for being part of the WBYO.

Moreover, once accepted as a Member, the WBYO pays for the costs of train/bus or flight travel to and from WBYO projects, all WBYO music teaching and tutor costs, and accommodation and food costs incurred as part of our projects. Additional allowances will also be distributed separately to each musician as part of the project. 

You will still be responsible for the insurance of your instrument (unless we provide the instrument) and any separately incurred incidental costs.

You will still be responsible for the insurance of your instrument (unless we provide the instrument) and any separately incurred incidental costs.

I’ve been put on the 'reserve list'.

This means that should one of our members not be able to make a specific tour, you may be asked to join the WBYO for that tour.


I haven’t been accepted into the WBYO.

Competition is very tough with a few hundred candidates each year.

Please do not be disheartened, keep practising and we invite you to audition again next year.

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