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General Regulations

Open Call for Orchestra Arrangements of the Western Balkans Youth Orchestra​ Western Balkans go Pop & Rock

The Western Balkans Youth Orchestra’s aim is to create during the WBYO Accelerando project a long-term platform for young composers from the region of the Western Balkans and to promote a unique creative music exchange between audiences, composers and performing musicians. 

Led by the artistic team of the WBYO (Artistic Director, invited orchestra tutors and jury members) the intention of the WBYO Open Call for Orchestra Arrangements is to provide impulses for the creation of new works for symphonic orchestra based on the
most famous Rock & Pop songs diversity of the Western Balkans, their musical and rhythm beauty.

In addition, the call offers the opportunity of performing of awarded pieces with the 2024 WBYO during its summer concert tour. Thus, also gaining a new perspective on one's own work. The six awarded works will be presented to the public during the summer 2024 WBYO concert tour in the Western Balkans (Kotor, Luštica and Kolašin, Montenegro; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Novi Sad, Serbia, Struga, North Macedonia, Prishtina, Kosovo, Durrës, Albania) and also in Germany (Bayreuth, Berlin Konzerthaus & Essen


Young composers from the region of the Western Balkans (born or originating) and EU countries aged from 18 to 36 years old by 31 December 2024 are invited to arrange pieces for large symphonic orchestra based on well-known Rock & Pop (see our proposals or free choice of the arrangers) song of the Western Balkans reaching in this way new audiences through the WBYO’s original concert formats and programs.

General Dispositions




Composers and students of composition ect. from the non-EU Western Balkans countries (born or originated)

Experience in orchestra arranging of folk dances in the past (if available)

Age limit: 18 to 36 years old by June 30, 2024



Completed applications to be submitted online require the following:


1. A completed application form.


2. Copy of an official, valid identity card or passport (.jpg or .pdf format)


3. Two recent phots (.jpeg or .png format)


4. Curriculum vitae in English (Resume and biography detailing background, obtained prizes, recent appointments in maximum of two pages) including name and contact of the current composition teacher (if available).


5. Full scores of 2-3 works of reference for various instrumentation and ensembles including recordings (if available)


6. An application video (max. 3 minutes duration) or a motivation letter (max. 2.000 characters) including answers to:

  • What do you expect from the WBYO composition call?
  • What is your present experience in composing/arranging of folk dances for symphonic orchestra?

  • Why is it important for you to be performed as a composer by the Western Balkans Youth Orchestra?


7. Composition/Arrangement: Orchestral work with a maximum duration of 6 minutes based on one or more songs from

the selected Rock & Pop songs from the Western Balkans region

• self-chosen Rock & Pop songs from the Western Balkans region.


The WBYO strongly recommend combining several songs (from one country or more), mixing them, and discovering new ways of showcasing their strength for a full symphonic orchestra.

The application includes the full elaborated score and orchestra parts of the composition and a description of the concept of the composition (max 2.000 characters, in English).

The piece must be written, unedited and should be not performed in the past.

This condition is imperative and suspensive.


8. Acceptance of the general regulations is mandatory during the application process. 

The candidates will receive an e-mail to confirm the receipt of their application.

The non-governmental documents must imperatively be written in English.

Only registrations which are complete and comply to all criteria mentioned above will be accepted.

For information on the orchestral instrumentation and layout please refer to the Guidelines for Orchestration, Instrumentation and Layout.


Minimum orchestral scoring: 32 musicians (strings, winds, percussion, piano, harp)


Maximum orchestra scoring: 65 musicians (i.e., Symphony No1 by D. Shostakovich + harp)

The registration will not be final until the full score and the orchestra parts are received; only individual/orchestra parts are not required.

Applications will be accepted electronically only (in PDF format) and should be sent by email to


Deadline for application and score submission: 30 June 2024, 23:59


Up to twelve selected works by twelve young composers will be awarded as following:


Up to four works with the First Prize of 850 EUR (work contract)

Up to four works with the Second Prize of 700 EUR (work contract)

Up to four works with the Third Prize of 550 EUR (work contract)

The selected composers will be provided with a recording of their work for promotion purposes.


The selected works will by premiered by the Western Balkans Youth Orchestra during its summer 2024 concert tour and could be performed again during various concerts of the WBYO in the future.


A recording of the piece will be provided to the laureates, for promotion purposes only. Commercial use of the recording is not permitted.


In addition: Score edition for each of the winning pieces, provided the laureate doesn’t have a preestablished exclusivity contract with a publisher. The twelve awarded works will be performed by the WBYO a. o. in: Kotor (MNE), Sarajevo (BiH), Novi Sad (SRB), Durres (AL), Skopje (NMK), Pristina (KS), Bayreuth, Berlin, Essen (DE).


Of the awarded composers


Administrative authorizations

Each nominee must take responsibility for any legal requirements to enter the Western Balkans territory, and of any potential formalities to participate in the call. The Organiser may, on request by the nominated candidate, provide an invitation letter for the completion of these formalities to be part of the WBYO preparation time in Cetinje, Montenegro (18 – 29 July 2024)


Promotion / communication

The candidates/laureates authorize the Call Organiser to use their image for promotion of the competition free of charge, on the following media: videos, photos, posters, press, websites of the Organiser and its partners, newsletters, blogs, social media etc.

This authorization is granted free of charge, worldwide and with a 10-year limit.

The candidates/laureates agree to participate free of charge to any promotional operation for the Call, interviews, press conferences filmed or recorded, radio broadcasts, photo shoots etc. on request by the Call Organiser.


Insurance / Liability

The candidates agree to subscribe to any necessary insurance aiming to cover all damage, whichever the nature, that they may cause during their participation to the trials of the competition. They guarantee the Call of the Competition that they will not file any legal complaints or claims for damages that the candidate may have caused on this occasion.




Western Balkans Youth Orchestra

Desar Sulejmani, Artistic Director


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